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Homemade Dog Puzzles: 3 Easy DIY Ideas

Updated: Jul 22

Make your own DIY dog puzzle with splansh! These toy ideas are budget-friendly, and don't require any special skills.

Are you considering buying new toys for your furry friend, but your budget makes you step back? Look no further than homemade dog puzzles! You can create endless entertainment for your pup with just a few supplies and a sort of creativity. And with Splansh's easy-to-follow ideas, even those without special skills can join the puzzle-making fun. Get ready to impress yourself and your four-legged companion with these budget-friendly DIY toy ideas.

3 Homemade Dog Puzzle Designs for Playful Pups. Try these Homemade puzzles for dogs at home

Signs of dog's lack of interest.

Benefits of DIY Brain Puzzles for Your Dog

Homemade Shell Game

Homemade treat dispenser toy

Dog Ice Cube Tray

When your dog becomes bored on lazy days at home, it might seek something new to do. That's why you may find them chewing up your shoes or sneaking into the trash recently.

The following is a list of a few alarming signs of your dog's lack of interest:

  1. Unstable behavior

  2. An attention-seeking attitude

  3. A destructive attitude (such as chewing furniture or shoes)

  4. Calling out for attention

  5. Entering the trash covertly.

  6. Counter-surfing

  7. Barking

  8. Jumping

  9. Tearing up the lawn

Playing enrichment activities and working on your dog's nose work are enjoyable and efficient ways to stimulate their minds. Here are a few straightforward Homemade dog puzzles you may create for your pet. Additionally, you'll exercise your mind.

The Benefits of DIY Brain Puzzles for Your Dog

Brain puzzles for dogs improve their emotional health, reduce stress, and fight boredom. These brain toys provide bonding and training fun for you and your lovely pets.

Dogs generally enjoy chasing plastic bottle treat dispenser toys as it dispenses their favorite treat. Bored dogs can misbehave, so engage them in "brain training." That will keep your dog from these behavior changes and make him well-behaved.

Homemade Dog Puzzle #1 : Shell Game

You're looking for a DIY dog puzzle toy that doesn't involve crafting. You might enjoy playing this shell game with your dog. You only need to gather various containers, or "shells," like light cups or boxes, and your dog's preferred tiny toy or goodies. To get your dog interested in this game, hide a treat under one of the two shells. As your dog advances, you can increase the problem's difficulty by adding more shells.

Homemade Dog Puzzle #2 : Doggy Muffin Pan Shell Game

It's the same shell game but with a muffin tin and a ball (like Tennis balls) for each slot. And if your dog is a toy breed, use a mini muffin pan and miniature tennis balls.

To help your dog get the game, leave the cups uncovered. Fill each muffin cup with treats, let your dog smell, and lick the goodies out. Now that your dog knows good things can be found in the cups, it's time to cover them with the balls. Your dog will have to remove each ball to get at the treat underneath.

Now your dog will need to use scent to locate where the treats are located. To increase the difficulty, only bait some of the cups with food but continue to cover all the cups with balls. This will help prepare your dog for other scent-related games like hide-and-seek.

Dog Puzzle #3 : Dispenser for bottles

A homemade kibble dispenser is among the most straightforward DIY dog puzzle toy to construct. A plastic bottle, a knife, and a lighter are required. Remove the plastic ring that surrounds the opening of the bottle and the bottle cap first. These pose a risk of choking. Continue by drilling one or more holes in the bottle's side. Treats should be able to exit the opening or holes with ease.

This game is ideal for adding excitement and challenge to lunch. You can put your dog's food or a few goodies inside the bottle. To make the edges of the cut-out holes less sharp and to stop your dog from cutting his tongue or mouth while playing, use the lighter to burn the edges lightly.

Ice Cube Tray

Are dog brain games and canine enrichment exercises new to your dog? You can use an ice cube tray as a slow feeder by placing kibble in the slots. This might not be effective for a more seasoned pet, but it can slow down a puppy or dog just beginning to play with homemade dog puzzles. Once your dog gets its idea, experiment with freezing it with water, plain yogurt without added sugar, or bone broth.

This is a terrific summertime treat since it keeps your dog entertained and cools them off simultaneously. To keep it interesting, you might experiment with various snacks and fillers. Serve in the ice cube tray for longer-lasting enjoyment, or distribute the ice cubes one at a time.

Before boredom sucks you into watching more Netflix or spending more time on social media, spend time crafting a few puzzles for your dog. That will be so much fun for you, and you will keep your dog's mind busy too!

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