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4 Top Rated Cat Treadmills under $200

Get Your Cat Moving with These Affordable Treadmills Under $200. We summarized customer reviews with cons and pros to can make your decision.

Get Your Cat Moving with These Affordable Treadmills Under $200. We summarized customer reviews with cons and pros to can make your decision

Do you have an indoor cat that could exercise but struggle to get enough activity in your home? A cat treadmill or wheel is what you need! With these treadmills, you can provide your purring pal with a fun and stimulating form of exercise and help prevent obesity and other health issues. If you have time, try one of our easy DIY cat wheels. This blog post will explore three top-rated cat treadmills under $200 that will keep your kitty entertained and healthy. So let's jump right in!

How to Choose the Right Treadmill for Your Cat

When choosing the right treadmill for your cat, there are several things to consider. First, you want to ensure the treadmill is safe for your cat.

  1. Look for treadmills with sturdy construction and smooth surfaces that won't cause harm or discomfort.

  2. Another important factor is size. Make sure the treadmill is appropriate for your cat's size and weight. A larger cat may require a bigger wheel diameter to ensure comfortable movement.

  3. Consider the noise level of the treadmill as well. Some cats may be frightened by loud noises, so look for models that operate quietly.

  4. Budget is always a consideration when purchasing anything. Luckily, many great options are available at an affordable price- like those mentioned in the next lines!

PawHut Cat Exercise Wheel with Carpet Runway

Give your cat a fun workout with this Cat Exercise Wheel. PawHut Cat Treadmill is made of solid wood and hand-applied with non-toxic, pet-friendly waterproof varnish for durability. The large round wheel has a concave design to prevent gaps from catching your cat's feet. It also has a special fixed piece to increase weight-bearing performance and stability. The bottom of the wheel has silent pulleys for minimum noise while in use.

Get Your Cat Moving with These Affordable Treadmills Under $200. We summarized customer reviews with cons and pros to can make your decision


It features a sisal exterior that prevents cats from scratching the furniture. At the same time, the carpet interior keeps them comfortable and easy on the paws.


The durable and solid construction will keep your baby healthy for a long time.

Long Lifespan:

The cat exercise toy gives your cat a healthy lifestyle by enabling mentally and physically positive entertainment. Exercise will lengthen your cat's lifespan.

Easy to Clean:

Because the cat condo is made of wood and carpet, it is easy to clean. Wipe down the wood, and vacuum the carpet.


Product Dimensions are 29.5" Length x 13" Width x 36.5" Height. Recommended for cats under 9 pounds.

A positive review

This is a great quality wheel that was extremely easy to put together. I put it together in five minutes, and it's very quiet. We don't hear him running at all. It looks great in our living room, which was important- We wanted something other than an eyesore since it would be in our primary living space. It definitely keeps him busy! He jumps on it and runs a few times a day. Highly recommend!

Size Concern

We noticed that most users who rated PawHut 1 out of 5 are unhappy about the wheel size. We picked two of these reviews:

This looks adorable for kittens, but it's so little it would arch an adult cat's back too dramatically. Sad, it's so small.
They are way too small for normal-sized cats. I have two Bengals and two DSHs, and this is kitten sized.
Get Your Cat Moving with These Affordable Treadmills Under $200. We summarized customer reviews with cons and pros to can make your decision

Safety Concern

A second concern is for pet owners with more than one cat. According to one customer, this can harm the other cat if it comes under the spinning wheel.

My concern is that while one cat is spinning on the wheel, another can either get between the wheel and the base or put its paw there. It is possible that they could be injured if that is the case. The wheel should've been placed higher over the base so no cat or paw could get injured. This would be a concern when more than 1 cat is in the household. I don't know if the spinning cat can get its paw or tail caught when trying to slow the wheel down; couldn't they potentially put its paw on the wood at the part under the wheel? I accidentally put my hand there: not a good feeling. I don't know if a long tail can get caught, either. So now I'm afraid to use it.


AberClub – Cat Wheel – Large 37.4" Wheel Diameter

The AberClub Cat Treadmill is the perfect way to keep your indoor cat active and in shape. The large 37.4" diameter wheel provides plenty of space for your cat to run, and the robust carpet thread is built to withstand even the most tireless pets. The easy-to-assemble design makes it easy to set up. The multi-feature backboard includes the following:

  • A high-volume shelf.

  • Back scratchboard.

  • A toy hanging bar to keep your cat entertained.

Get Your Cat Moving with These Affordable Treadmills Under $200. We summarized customer reviews with cons and pros to can make your decision

Get your feline friend moving

AberClub cat treadmill is a perfect solution for keeping your cat active and reducing their risk of becoming overweight. With our new upgrade, your cat can stay physically active while running. Running is the best way for cats to exercise.

Silent operation for uninterrupted sleep

The upgraded TPE silent roller allows your cat to use the cat running wheel without disrupting your sleep at any time of day or night. Also, the TPE silent roller ensures a smooth and quiet treadmill operation, so your cat can enjoy the exercise without being disturbed.

Robust carpet thread

Designed specifically for the active indoor cat, our cat wheel has inner and outer scratch surfaces made of robust carpet thread intended to last a long time and withstand even the most tireless cats!

Easy assembly and maintenance

The cat treadmill for indoor cats is easy to assemble, and there are installation holes on the product's surface. Velcro is used to secure the thickened scratch pad on the treadmill wheel and can be taken off easily for cleaning.

New multi-feature backboard

The new multi-feature backboard includes a high-volume shelf, a back scratchboard, and a toy hanging bar to keep your cat entertained, comfortable, and safe!

Positive Review

The wheel is awesome; it has a removable scratch pad inside, ich is a nice touch. The little lock on the side is helpful, and it's easy to assemble. My cat Macey loves it; we've got her used to moving on the wheel quickly (even though she's a bit older). There is almost no noise, and even though it's quite big, it looks good in the living room and doesn't stand out too much. Only wish we got one sooner! Glad I waited around and didn't overspend on bigger brands. Would 100% recommend it!

Critical Review

I have three decent-sized cats, but the wheel is too heavy for even the largest cat to turn alone.

However, we found other customers explain the tips to make it run faster as follows:

  1. Watch the video as the previous review recommends. Parts of the instructions could be clearer, especially the steps where you're putting the wheels on their planks. The video makes it much more clear.

  2. Use the gloves they give to prevent blisters from an hour of screwing screws in.

  3. Once you get what you're doing, it moves pretty quickly.


Cat Exercise Wheel Indoor Treadmill Small Animals Exercise Wheels

Introducing the Laddawan Cat Exercise Wheel – your cat's new favorite way to stay active and healthy! The large, sturdy wheel is made of solid wood and hand-painted with pet-friendly waterproof varnish. It's designed for absolute safety with a switch lock function that allows you to control your cat's movement time. And its whisper-quiet operation won't disturb your daily life or disrupt your sleep at night. The Cat Exercise Wheel is easy to assemble, with all the needed parts and accessories included in the package. Find the perfect fit for your purring pal in small, medium, or large sizes.

Get Your Cat Moving with These Affordable Treadmills Under $200. We summarized customer reviews with cons and pros to can make your decision

Safe and sturdy structure:

The treadmill has a wide base and a large round wheel. The concave design of the wheel makes it easier for cats to run because the gaps won't catch their feet. Additionally, the inside of the wheel is lined with terry carpet, which can be removed and cleaned easily. In addition, the wheels are equipped with a special fixed piece, improving their load-bearing performance.

Absolute safety:

With the switch lock function, you can freely control the cat's movement time, improving the pet protection's safety.

Silent design:

Design with silent pulleys: even if your cat exercises at night, the minimum running noise will not disturb your daily life and sleep.

Precision crafted:

The cat runner is made from solid wood and hand-applied with odorless and non-toxic pet-friendly waterproof varnish.

Easy to assemble:

The package contains step-by-step instructions, pictures, and all the necessary parts and accessories.

Wheel diameter:

The wheels have a diameter of 27.6x11.8 inches, a medium diameter of 30.3x11.8 inches, and a large diameter of 35.8x11.8 inches.

A Positive Review

This is a well-made wooden wheel with a replaceable carpet strip for running on. It took some coaxing with the red dot toy for my cat to run for. After a couple of days of coaxing, she loves it. I recommend this wheel for people with kittens to be trained to use it.

Sounds like thunder

This comment got repeated many times in customer reviews. They stated that the wheel is not very quiet.

It's easy to assemble. Sounds like distant thunder but overall not bad. Fast shipping!


ZYDDNH Cat Treadmill Exercise Wheel Cat Wheel

Keep your cat active and healthy with ZYDDNH Cat Treadmill Exercise Wheel. It's made of high-quality materials, it is sturdy and durable, able to support a maximum weight of 200 pounds. The smooth, silent wheels make it easy for your cat to exercise without making any noise. The carpet can be removed easily for cleaning. With a diameter of 30.3 inches and a width of 11.8 inches, this treadmill is the perfect size for all cats.

Get Your Cat Moving with These Affordable Treadmills Under $200. We summarized customer reviews with cons and pros to can make your decision


The task can be completed in ten minutes by one person. Sturdy: this treadmill has a wide base, which means it's very stable, and each part has stainless steel connections, which are strong and can be used for many years. Protect their health, and reduce their boredom by exercising and playing.

High Quality:

With a maximum load of 200 pounds, it's very strong, so you don't have to worry about the cat's weight.

Smoothly and Noise-freely

Silent wheels on the bottom shaft ensure smooth and noise-free operation.

Easy Cleaning

Velcro is on the carpet, so it is easy to remove.

Product Dimensions:

Outside diameter 30.3" x 11.8, inside diameter 27.8" x 11.8"

Positive review

Assembling this wheel was easy. In fact, my teenagers were able to do it without grownup assistance. The carpet velcros onto the inside. There's a small gap where the two ends of the carpet meet, but it is pretty decent. I noticed some fraying on the carpet, but I haven't had an issue after cutting the frayed edges off with scissors.

My cats did not take to the wheel right away. They were nervous when it moved. Fortunately, there is a lock on the wheel to help them get used to it. We then began to do intentional training exercises to get them moving on the wheel. The cats have made progress, but they still have a ways to go. The cat wheel looks beautiful and holds a lot of promise.

Critical reviews

From 8 reviews, only 1 out of 5 reviews complained that he received the damaged product.



At the end of our article, it's clear that investing in a cat treadmill can help keep your furry friend fit and active. Whether you choose any cat exercise wheels we mentioned, all four options are top-rated and affordable. Also, you can try to build your own DIY Cat exercise wheel with easy steps.

Before deciding which cat treadmill to purchase, there are a few key factors, such as size, durability, noise level, and ease of assembly. It's important to ensure that whichever option suits your cat's needs.

Incorporating a cat treadmill into your pet's exercise routine can provide numerous benefits, including weight management and improved overall health. With so many great affordable options under $200, there's no reason not to try it!

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