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5 Easy Cat Exercise Wheel DIY for a Happy and Healthy Feline!

Updated: Jul 22

Build your own DIY cat treadmill to give them the activity they need! We show you 5 DIY Cat Treadmills you can make at home.

Are you tired of your cat lounging around all day and not getting the exercise they need? Look no further than a DIY cat treadmill! Not only is it a fun DIY project to take on, but it will also encourage your furry friend to do the activity they crave. In this post, we'll show you 5 different ways to build your own cat exercise wheel diy at home and save yourself an extra budget. Get ready for a happy and healthy kitty!

Build your own cat exercise wheel diy to give them the activity they need! We show you 5 DIY Cat Treadmills you can make at home.

List of Ideas

  1. Foam Board Cat Exercise Wheel

  2. Giant Exercise Wheel For Your Cat

  3. Homemade Carpet Mill

  4. DIY Treadmill With Carpet

  5. Wheeled hula hoops

DIY Idea #1: Foam Board Cat Exercise Wheel

The video below shows how to make a cat exercise wheel DIY using foam board, duct tape, wrapping paper, spray glue, and casters. The video shows the step-by-step process of cutting, gluing, and assembling the wheel and testing it out with some cats. The video also provides tips and tricks for making the wheel more stable and attractive.

To make a cat exercise wheel, you will need the following materials:

  • Five sheets of foam board

  • White duct tape

  • Wrapping paper

  • Spray glue

  • Four two-inch casters

  • A pushpin

  • A pencil

  • A floppy tape measure

  • A utility knife

  • A ruler

Follow these steps:

  1. Mark the middle point at the top and bottom of each foam board sheet.

  2. Draw a central line on a table that goes all the way up. Align the middle marks of the foam board with this line.

  3. Use two small pieces of foam board to hold the pushpin in place on the central line. This will be your anchor point for drawing circles.

  4. Use the tape measure to draw two arcs on each foam board sheet. The first arc should be 21 inches from the anchor point, and the second arc should be 24 inches from the anchor point. To do this, make holes on the tape measure at 1 inch, 22 inches, and 25 inches. Put the pushpin through the 1-inch hole, and use a pencil to mark through the other holes as you move the tape measure around.

  5. Cut out the arcs with a utility knife. You should have 10 pieces of foam board that look like rings.

  6. Glue two pieces of foam board together to make a thicker ring. Repeat this for four more pairs of foam board pieces. You should have five thick rings in total.

  7. Cover one side of each ring with wrapping paper using spray glue. Make sure to smooth out any wrinkles or bubbles.

  8. Attach the casters to one of the rings using duct tape. Make sure they are evenly spaced and face outward.

  9. Stack the other four rings on top of the ring with casters, aligning them as best as possible. Use duct tape to secure them together.

  10. Flip over the wheel and cover the exposed foam board with wrapping paper using spray glue.

  11. Your cat exercise wheel is ready! Test it with your cats and see if they enjoy running on it.

DIY Idea #2: Giant Exercise Wheel For Your Cat

Simple is best sometimes. The video below shows a very entertaining tutorial for cutting out cardboard squares, arcs, and strips to make a cat exercise wheel:

  1. You will build your cat wheelbase by connecting two arc-shaped cardboard through horizontal strips.

  2. You will need to insert some nuts through the arc pieces to act as the axles for the wheel. After that, you will continue the circle shape by connecting the other arc-shaped cardboard to the created base.

  3. You need to cover the circle with many pieces of cardboard until you form the wheel.

DIY Idea #3: Homemade Carpet Mill

You can only construct the most basic machine you can handle and place it in an empty room as a treadmill for your cat. You can decide to transform it into a piece of art instead. That is what this cat treadmill does. Your cat will have plenty of room to roam around because it is substantial in size. This design has more wheels than others and makes extensive use of timber.

DIY Idea #4: DIY Treadmill With Carpet

Your cat's size and the number of cats you want to be able to use the treadmill at once will determine the total size and width of your homemade cat treadmill. Your cats might have a firmer grip on the wheel if you carpet the plywood used to construct the treadmill. They may find it pleasant, enabling them to go even more quickly, getting fitter and fitter with each spin.

DIY Idea #5: Wheeled hula hoops

You can use Hula hoops and scraps of plastic to solve your cat's exercise dilemma quickly. Install plywood on the bottom if you want it to be able to move in a fixed area. It is quick and straightforward, but it also allows you to test an exercise wheel on your cat before spending money on finer gear.


A DIY cat treadmill is a great way to keep your cat active and healthy and have some fun with your creativity. You can choose different materials, designs, and sizes to suit your cat’s needs and preferences. Whether you use foam board, cardboard, wood, or carpet, you can make a cat exercise wheel that will provide hours of entertainment for your feline friend. Try one of these 5 DIY cat treadmills and see how your cat likes it!

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