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5 Top Ideas To Cover Your Cat's Litter Box

Updated: May 14

Find out our top home solutions to cover your cat's litter box. We have compiled our favorite ways to stylishly conceal your cat's litter box.

As a cat parent, you know very well that litter boxes can be an eyesore and sometimes even an unpleasant smell in your home. But don't worry, we've got some top ideas to cover up your cat's litter box and make it blend seamlessly into your decor while keeping the mess contained. From DIY projects to creative furniture solutions, here are our favorite ways to hide your cat's litter box in style!

Find out our top home solutions to cover your cat's litter box.  We have compiled our favorite ways to stylishly conceal your cat's litter box.

Pets have to go potty someplace, so even the most adequately maintained kitty box can occasionally be a stench-filled sight. Placing the litter box out of the way with just a feline-sized entrance to indicate its presence was the most straightforward alternative. IKEA furniture, curtains, wine crates, and other items are just a few of the creative ways DIY bloggers have suggested disguising the litter box. These inventive DIY cat litter box ideas can help you find the project that best suits your needs (and budget)

1. Wine Crate Covered Litter Box

This is Wine Case Recycling Use, according to Apartment Therapy. With a hinge, join two identical crates, ensuring the aperture is big enough for your cat. Choose a robust material that will withstand cats' determined digging and staple a plastic lining to your DIY mess-free cat litter box to make it waterproof—paint crates with the sealer or stain of your choice for even more excellent leak resistance.

2. DIY Cat Litter Box to Cat Door

This DIY from a home improvement site is the pinnacle of pet parent effectiveness since it lets Kitty take care of her own business and makes clean-up simple. The litter box was in a garage cabinet with a hole cut out of the drywall. A win-win situation for pets and their guardians with doors open for simple faeces scooping and odours controlled in the cabinet.

3. Built-in Litter Box in a DIY Cat Condo

You may transform it into multipurpose cat furniture by fastening carpet or sisal rope scraps to your cat furniture. Choose a fruit or wine box big enough to fit Fluffy on top. You may use scrap wood or pallets and include a cushion for Fluffy to curl up. You ensure a tight fit inside the crate; measure your litter box. The crate should also be light to make lifting the litter to scoop easier.

4. Litter Box Cover for Wicker Chest

The bathroom or bedroom would be perfect for this concealed DIY mess-free cat litter box. Even DIY novices may complete this project because it is so simple. If your pet has a propensity for ruining wicker baskets, there might be better choices. The same is true for artificial turf, which keeps cats' feet tidy but can result in intestinal blockages if swallowed. You can install a cat flap in any solid trunk, bin, or box you find if you don't have this precise one on hand.

5. Cabinet Cat Center repurposed

A "cat centre" serves three purposes for pet owners who are particularly space-constrained: it conceals the litter box, stores pet supplies, and keeps the bowls out of the reach of canines. It involved making kitty box furniture out of a rustic cabinet! To eliminate litter from paws once more, a rough mat is employed. Putting all of your cat's necessities in one location reduces the chance you'll run out or become a packrat because everything is easily accessible.

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