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With Apple Vision Pro, Will You Consider Having A Digital Pet Instead?

From Tamagotchi to Apple Vision Pro, will this evolution of virtual pets make you think of having a digital furry friend?

From Tamagotchi to Apple Vision Pro, will this evolution of virtual pets make you think of having a digital furry friend?

Our way of life is constantly changing as technology advances. From smartphones to smart homes and digital pets, the world is getting more virtual than ever. Apple Vision Pro has recently introduced a new augmented reality feature allowing users to interact with virtual objects in a real-life environment. But with this new advancement in technology, many are left wondering: will you consider having a digital pet instead of a real one? Join us as we explore the new world of digital pets and whether they could be the future of companionship.

Let's stop at two points in history, 1996 and 2023.

Introducing Tamagocchi, a handheld digital pet - Japan 1996

Tamagotchi was created by the Japanese toy company Bandai and quickly became a worldwide phenomenon. The small handheld device, which resembles a keychain or watch, featured a small LCD screen displaying a virtual pet the user is responsible for caring for. The pet can be fed, cleaned, played with, and put to sleep, among other actions.

Overall, the Tamagotchi digital pet was a groundbreaking toy that introduced a new way of interacting with technology. It remains a nostalgic favorite for many who grew up in the 1990s and early 2000s.

Introducing Apple Vision Pro - USA 2023

Apple Vision Pro is one of the latest technological advancements from Apple, which introduces a new augmented reality feature that allows users to interact with their surroundings in an entirely new way. This technology uses cameras and sensors to create 3D models of objects in real life.

With this technology, users can bring digital representations into the real world, allowing them to interact with these virtual creations as if they were tangible objects. The possibilities for using this new technology are endless - from gaming and entertainment applications to educational resources.

Digital Pets in Apple Vision Pro Era

Augmented reality and recent technologies have recently advanced enough to take digital pets to another level and make them truly lifelike. This advancement takes the concept a step further by allowing your virtual pet to interact with the environment around you. Your virtual pet can now run around on your table or even follow you as you walk through the park.

The introduction of Apple Vision Pro has also paved the way to make these digital companions more interactive and responsive, making them more engaging than ever before.

The benefits of having a digital pet

Having a digital pet has numerous benefits, making it a good choice for people who may not have enough resources or time to care for a physical pet.

Low Maintenance

One of the main advantages is convenience. Digital pets are low maintenance, and you don't need to worry about feeding them, cleaning up after them, or taking them out for walks.


Another benefit is affordability. Physical pets can be expensive for veterinary bills, food, and toys. With digital pets, no recurring costs are, making it a cost-effective alternative.

Reducing stress levels

Digital pets also offer companionship and entertainment, which reduce stress levels and promote relaxation. They can provide emotional support without demanding too much from their owners. This matter can improve mental health.

Educational Benefits

Digital pets have educational benefits as they teach children responsibility in caring for something other than themselves while providing fun activities that promote creativity and imagination.

Having a digital pet provides many benefits without the added responsibilities of owning a physical one making it an attractive option for people living busy lifestyles.


What are some common challenges of owning a pet?

Owning a pet can bring immense joy and companionship, but it also comes with number of challenges.

Financial Responsibility

One major challenge is the financial responsibility that comes with owning a pet. From food to veterinary care, these expenses can add up quickly.

Time Management

Another common challenge is time management. Pets require daily attention and exercise, which can be difficult for busy individuals who work long hours or travel frequently.


Training is another obstacle when it comes to owning a pet. Training takes patience and consistency, whether you rescue a senior dog or adopt a new puppy. Similarly, litter box training for cats can take time and effort.

Different personalities

Pets also have specific needs based on their breed and personality traits. For example, some dogs may need more physical exercise than others, while certain cat breeds may require regular grooming.

Emotional Attachment

Beyond these practical challenges lies the emotional attachment that often develops between pets and their owners. This bond makes it especially difficult to say goodbye to a beloved pet at the end of their life.


Why do we love that furry creature with all these challenges??

Despite these challenges, many people find that the rewards of having a furry companion outweigh any difficulties they encounter. While digital pets may benefit, they can never replace the unique and irreplaceable bond humans share with real pets. Real pets provide us with emotional support, physical exercise, and a sense of responsibility which digital alternatives cannot replicate.

Another living being

Owning a real pet involves caring for another living being and forming an emotional connection with them. This fosters owners' empathy, compassion, and nurturing instincts as they learn to understand their pets needs.

Physical Activity

Real pets also provide opportunities for physical activity, such as walking or playing fetch. This not only benefits the pet's health but also encourages owners to lead more active lifestyles themselves.

Mental Well-being

Furthermore, owning a real pet has been shown to reduce stress levels while promoting overall mental well-being. A furry friend's unconditional love and companionship are invaluable in times of loneliness or distress.

While digital pets may offer convenience and entertainment value, they cannot replicate the deep-rooted connections formed between humans and their beloved animal companions.


Challenges of making realistic AR digital pets

Since AR technology is still evolving, predicting how users will interact with their virtual pets can be difficult. Creating realistic AR digital pets comes with its own set of challenges. One of the significant challenges is making sure that the pet reacts realistically to the user's actions.

Emotional Connection

Another challenge is creating an emotional connection between the user and their digital pet. While some users may be content simply playing games or completing tasks with their pet, others may need to feel like they have a real relationship with it.

Working on personalities

It's also important for developers to consider different types of pets and personalities when designing these virtual creatures. Some users prefer more active, playful pets, while others want something calmer and more comforting.

Learnng Curve

There are technical challenges involved in creating realistic AR digital pets. These include developing advanced algorithms for artificial intelligence and machine learning so that the pet can learn from its interactions with its owner over time.

Creating realistic AR digital pets requires a careful balance between artistry and technical expertise and an understanding of what users want from their virtual companions.


The introduction of Apple Vision Pro and its augmented reality technology has opened up a gate of possibilities. With the ability to create realistic and interactive AR pets, it's no surprise that more people are considering having a virtual companion.

While there are a good number of benefits to having a digital pet, such as lower maintenance and cost, owning an animal also offers unique advantages, such as physical interaction and emotional support.

Now that we've delved into the world of virtual pets, it's time to hear your verdict! Would you opt for a cuddly companion or a digital friend tailored to your lifestyle and preferences?

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