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Brent Rivera and His Dog Charly: How They Spread Joy and Laughter to Millions

Updated: Aug 10

From A Luxury Surprise to Blindfolded Adventures, This Dynamic Duo Takes "Pawsome" to a Whole New Level!"

Brent Rivera, the social media star and actor, surprises his dog Charly with a $20,000 Dog House and a blindfolded challenge. Read how they show their love and adventure in this captivating article.

Brent Rivera, the beloved social media personality and actor, continues to enchant millions with his latest ventures alongside his cherished furry friend, Charly. Their bond reaches new heights as Brent lavishes Charly with a luxurious $20,000 house, showcasing his extraordinary devotion. Together, they embark on heartwarming blindfolded quests, unveiling the depth of their connection. Join us as we immerse ourselves in their captivating and heartlighted world!

Who is Brent Rivera?

Brent Rivera is a renowned social media personality and actor with a massive following across various platforms. He first gained prominence on Vine, a now-defunct video-hosting service, before transitioning to YouTube, where he shares comedy videos, vlogs, and challenges. Brent is also popular on Instagram and TikTok, sharing humorous clips and photos. Additionally, he is the co-founder and CEO of Amp Studios, a talent incubator and content group that produces viral videos. He boasts a clothing line called Relatable and hosts a podcast titled So Relatable. Brent has also appeared in several web series and films, including Alexander IRL, Light as a Feather, and Brent Rivera's Dream Vacation. His online presence has received numerous accolades, such as the MTV Music Awards Best Dressed in 2015 and the Streamy Awards Creator Honor Award in 2020.

A $20,000 Dog House Fit for Canine Royalty

Through an extraordinary journey documented in a heartwarming video, we witness the construction of a lavish $20,000 luxury dog house and the unexpected surprise that leaves Charlie wagging her tail with delight.

Charlie: Brent Rivera's New Furry Friend

The story begins with Brent Rivera reminiscing about their beloved dog, Becker, who had recently passed away. Overwhelmed with grief, they believed they would never find another dog as incredible as Becker. However, fate had different plans, and Charlie came into their life, becoming their new best friend and source of happiness.

A Special Birthday Idea Takes Shape

Determined to make Charlie's first birthday unforgettable, Rivera hatched an ambitious plan to construct a lavish dog house. The video below captures the process of building the house from scratch, starting with the walls, roof, and interior. The dog house boasts luxurious amenities, including a cozy bean bag couch and a TV that exclusively plays squirrel videos.

Attention to Detail and Surprises

No detail was spared in making Charlie's new abode a true paradise. Brent Rivera adds finishing touches and decorations, ensuring Charlie's living space is stylish and comfortable. The video highlights the big reveal, where Rivera invites Charlie to explore her new home. Charlie's excitement is palpable as she explores the living room, upstairs area, and even a special machine that allows her to play fetch with herself.

The Blindfolded Quest to Uncover Charly's Identity

Brent's ingenious idea to blindfold himself to identify Charly is an adventure that will entertain you pleasantly. Armed with only his wit and an insatiable desire for laughter, Brent subjected himself to a series of delightful challenges that will surely bring a smile to your face.

Blindfold Lick Challenge

In this challenge, Brent is blindfolded, and each dog takes turns licking their face. The person relies on their senses, such as the texture of the tongue and the smell of the breath, to try and identify whether Charlie is among the dogs based on the licking experience.

Petting Palpability Challenge

In this challenge, Brent pets each dog individually to determine if they feel like Charlie. They focus on characteristics like fluffiness and straight hair, trying to recall the tactile sensation of petting Charlie to identify the familiar touch.

Poop Identification Challenge

Next, In this rather unusual challenge, Brent is tasked with picking up dog poop to identify which one belongs to Charlie. They examine the consistency, moisture level, and other visual cues of the poop while relying on their knowledge of Charlie's bathroom habits to make an informed guess.

The Joy of Unconventional Adventures

Through these lighthearted and unconventional challenges, Brent Rivera and Charly have created a bond that transcends the ordinary pet-owner relationship. Their adventurous escapades remind them to embrace the joy and laughter in the simplest moments. Brent's willingness to go to ludicrous lengths for the love of his furry friend is a testament to the depth of their connection. It inspires pet owners everywhere to cherish moments of laughter, playfulness, and shared adventures with their beloved companions.


In conclusion, Brent Rivera and his lovable companion Charly have taken their pet-owner relationship to new heights with their extraordinary adventures and acts of love. From the opulent Rivera Retreat to the uproarious blindfolded quests, their journey is a testament to their shared joy, laughter, and unbreakable bond. Brent's comedic talent and willingness to go to extraordinary lengths for Charly's happiness have captured the hearts of millions, inspiring pet owners worldwide to embrace the love and joy their furry friends bring. So, let us celebrate the laughter, the adventures, and the remarkable connection between Brent and Charly, reminding us to cherish the extraordinary moments we share with our beloved pets.

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