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Chef Cats: Step Aside Gordon Ramsay, Cooking Cats are the Next Big Thing

Updated: May 24

From TikTok to YouTube, little kitties are donning chef hats, washing their paws, and recording recipes in quick, easy-to-follow steps for their followers to … well … follow!

Cats and curiosity are a traditionally discouraged mix. However, as it turns out, there’s an exception to the rule that has cats and their many admirers, feline decidedly fine. You see, cats have been cooking up a storm online recently. They’ve been putting their adorable paws to good use and going where no cat has ever gone before: The kitchen counter!

In the process, they’ve been amassing millions of devoted followers who’re hooked on their daily fixes of culinary cat education. It’s adorable. It’s informative, and it’ll even revolutionize your mealtimes!

So, after all these years, it turns out cats maybe have a place on our tabletops.

Get to Know These Little Head Chefs

First, we have Chef Cat ChangAn, who boasts a whopping 4.9 million subscribers on his Youtube Channel, which is dedicated to his simple, nutritious home-cooked meals. It’s no mystery as to why Chef Cat ChangAn has become a social media superstar. He hilariously displays the best cooking hacks with ease and does it all while looking incredibly cute – what’s not to love?!

A Lockdown Success Story

Next in line, we have a gorgeous Ragdoll cat who lives with his owner Lynch Zhang, his brother Ming, his mom, Chocolate, and his five littermates in New York City. According to his owner, @thatlittlepuff is a naturally inquisitive little fellow who spent his spare time wisely when the COVID-19 pandemic shuttered NYC restaurants.

He watched his owners cook from home, picking up on skills along the way, before deciding to turn his own paw to the cooking game. So, Zhang began recording short clips of Puff “cooking” simple dishes and started posting them to TikTok in July 2020. Little Puff has perfected dishes from the humble boiled egg sandwich to more trendy rainbow toast, ensuring that his followers receive a varied culinary education.

Trending on TikTok

The chef cat obsession has predictably spread to TikTok, where @kittygod_cn feeds everyone’s needs for snippy bursts of culinary education. Six million people, after catching a glimpse of this kitty’s adorable paws hard at work, decided to show their appreciation by clicking follow.

Why are Cat Chefs so Popular?

It’s all down to psychology, practicality, and purrrfection!

You see, 59% of millennials are now using their phones in the kitchen as they navigate new recipes. Plus, watching delicious food being made releases a dopamine fest into our brains. At the same time, it’s estimated that 15% of internet content/traffic is related to kitties. In other words, of about 4.66 billion people regularly using the internet, 699 million are searching for cats.

The result? Some cats that could rival Gordon Ramsay.

And That’s a Wrap!

While chef cats might give us paws for thought, there’s no denying they’re taking over the internet one flawlessly executed recipe at a time. Combining two of our weaknesses, cats and delicious food, they may have struck the trick combination code for instant internet fame, and we applaud them for that! When it comes to cats cooking in the future? Watch this space.

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