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Daniel Larson Adopts Dog, Sparks Concerns of Animal Abuse and Neglect

Controversial tiktok creator daniel larson's treatment of homeless dog sparks concerns over animal welfare and responsible pet ownership

Daniel Larson is a controversial TikTok creator who has gained a cult following despite numerous allegations of mental illness and pedophilia. However, recent concerns have arisen about Larson's care of a dog he has adopted despite his homelessness and lack of resources. Witnesses have observed the dog appearing malnourished, dehydrated, and lacking shelter, leading to animal abuse and neglect concerns. The situation has sparked a conversation about the importance of responsible pet ownership and taking action to prevent harm to animals.

Controversial TikTok Creator Daniel Larson's Treatment of Homeless Dog Sparks Concerns Over Animal Welfare and Responsible Pet Ownership

Who is Daniel Larson?

The content is about the TikTok creator and personality Daniel Larson, also known as Danderson. Larson is known for his controversial and confusing content, which many viewers interpret as cryptic or mentally ill. Despite this, he gained a cult following on TikTok throughout 2020 and 2021, thanks to various arcs in his channel's history, including running for President of the United States, "the fog," and an incident in which he flashed his viewers on Live. However, multiple allegations surfaced in 2022 involving Larson and pedophilia and discourse about his homelessness.

Daniel Larson is a homeless man seen around the city with a dog by his side. According to witnesses, he has recently adopted the dog despite being unable to care for himself or the animal properly. His lack of resources and shelter has raised concerns about the dog's welfare and whether it receives the care it needs to survive.

The State of Daniel Larson's Dog

The dog in question is reportedly in distress and danger due to Larson's inability to provide adequate food, water, and shelter. Witnesses have observed the dog appearing malnourished and dehydrated, with no access to clean water or proper nutrition. The dog also lacks a proper shelter, exposing it to the elements and at risk of developing health problems. The situation has sparked concerns about animal abuse and neglect, as Larson's actions compromise the dog's well-being.

Taking Action

The creator of the video below took action and contacted animal control and the Humane Society to report the situation and to try to get Daniel Larson on a "do not adopt" list. The video creator also offers a bounty for anyone retrieving the dog and returning it to the Humane Society. The video creator expresses a deep concern for the dog's well-being and calls on Daniel Larson to surrender the dog for its safety. The video creator is also warning Daniel Larson that if he does not take action to care for the dog or surrender it, people may take matters into their own hands and resort to violence.

Consequences for Larson's Actions

Holding Larson accountable for his actions and the harm he has caused to the dog is important. Depending on the severity of the situation, he could face legal consequences and be barred from owning a pet. It is crucial to send a message that neglecting and abusing animals will not be tolerated and that there are consequences for such actions.

Daniel confesses that he is an animal murderer.

In the above video also, Daniel narrates an incident from his childhood where a neighbor's dog who loved to play with him tragically died. He chased the dog until it jumped over a fence with spikes, and the spike went straight through its chest and killed it.

Feeding thedog Pup Cups and nachos!

This Reddit post highlights concerns about the health and well-being of a dog under the care of Daniel Larson. Larson's statement that a pup cup and nachos are appropriate dog food has been criticized by many commenters. Some commenters share personal experiences of their dogs becoming sick after consuming that food, further emphasizing the dangers of Larson's approach to dog nutrition.

Controversial TikTok Creator Daniel Larson's Treatment of Homeless Dog Sparks Concerns Over Animal Welfare and Responsible Pet Ownership

Additionally, concerns are raised about the dog's living conditions and treatment. Some commenters note that the dog appears distressed and in poor physical condition, likely due to being dragged around in extreme heat without proper hydration. Others express concern about Larson's lack of knowledge about the dog's history and temperament, which could put the dog and other animals at risk if it becomes aggressive or reactive.

Several commenters suggest contacting a dog brewery or rescue organization for help, as they may be better equipped to provide the dog with proper care and nutrition. However, there is also concern that Larson may not be willing to surrender the dog or allow it to be taken into the care of others.


The treatment of a dog by TikTok creator Daniel Larson has sparked concerns over animal welfare and responsible pet ownership. Witnesses have observed the dog appearing malnourished and lacking shelter, leading to animal abuse and neglect concerns. This situation highlights the importance of properly caring for animals and holding owners accountable for their actions. It serves as a reminder of the significant responsibilities of pet ownership, including providing adequate nutrition, hydration, and shelter.

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