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Dog Flu 2023: 7 Easy Steps to Prevent the Transmission

We are watching dog pneumonia in Oregon and the dog flu in Hawaii closely. Here is a list of steps you need to take to stop this spread.

Canine influenza, or dog flu, is a serious respiratory infection that can easily spread among dogs and harm their health. Taking preventive steps to keep our dogs safe and avoid this viral infection is important. This article explains different ways and tips for dog parents to reduce the risk of dog flu and care for their furry friends.

We are watching dog pneumonia in Oregon and the dog flu in Hawaii closely. Here is a list of steps you need to take to stop this spread.

We keep an eye on Dog flu. We already told you about dog pneumonia in Oregon and the dog flu in Hawaii, and we keep helping dog owners by giving a list of steps to stop this spread.

Here are 7 easy tips to stop the transmission of the virus:

1. Annual Dog Flu Vaccination

Vaccination is the best way to protect your dog from dog flu. Make sure that your dog gets a Dog Flu vaccine every year. This preventive measure boosts their immune system, making the symptoms less severe and lowering the chance of infecting other dogs.

2. Limit Exposure to Infected Dogs:

Staying away from infected dogs is crucial to stop the spread of dog flu. If you think a dog has dog flu or has been in contact with it, do not let it near them. Public areas or kennels with known cases should be skipped to reduce the possibility of transmission.

3. Practice Proper Hygiene:

Maintaining good hygiene is crucial in preventing the spread of dog flu. If you come into contact with a dog suspected of having the flu, wash your hands, arms, and clothing thoroughly before interacting with your dog. This precautionary measure helps prevent the transfer of the virus from one dog to another.

4. Disinfection of Objects and Surfaces:

Dog flu can be spread through infected objects and surfaces. Frequently clean and sanitize toys, food and water dishes, and other items dogs touch. Using soap and water and suitable sanitizers helps kill the virus and lowers the risk of transmission.

5. Minimize Human-to-Dog Contact:

Humans can accidentally spread dog flu to their pets. If you have touched an infected dog, make sure you sanitize yourself before playing with your dog. Washing your hands in the way we learned since the pandemic or using an alcohol-based sanitizer is important, as the virus can stay active on your skin for up to 12 hours.

6. Isolate Infected Dogs:

If your dog is diagnosed with dog flu, keeping them isolated from other dogs for at least four weeks is crucial. Avoid taking them to places where dogs gather, such as doggie daycares, kennels, dog parks, and dog shows. By isolating them, you prevent the virus from spreading to other dogs.

7. Veterinary Visits:

It's important to be careful when visiting the veterinarian during a dog flu outbreak or if you think your dog may have caught the virus. Wait in your car instead of the waiting room to reduce contact between your dog and other pets. Tell the veterinary staff about your worries so they can take proper steps to stop the spread of the virus within the clinic.

Cleaning Instructions to following during Dog Flu outbreaks

1. Clean Clothes:

After any interaction with dogs, particularly if you suspect contact with an infected dog, it is crucial to clean your clothes thoroughly. Germs can remain active on fabric for up to 24 hours, so prompt action is necessary. Launder your clothes using detergent and hot water to disinfect them effectively. This helps eliminate any potential virus and prevents transmission to other surfaces or individuals.

2. Wash Hands:

Proper hand hygiene is crucial in stopping the spread of dog flu. Wash your hands very well after touching dogs, especially during an outbreak. This easy yet effective measure helps remove any traces of the virus from your hands, lowering the risk of transmission. If soap and water are not easily available, use an alcohol-based sanitizer to clean your hands.

3- Places to Avoid During Outbreak:

Doggie Daycares:

During a dog flu outbreak, it is advisable to avoid doggie daycares. These facilities often host many dogs nearby, increasing the risk of transmission. Keeping your dog away from doggie daycares minimizes their exposure to infected dogs and reduces the chances of contracting the virus.

Kennels and Shelters

Kennels and animal shelters can be hotspots for the spread of dog flu during an outbreak. The close quarters and frequent interactions among dogs make transmitting the virus easier. To protect your dog, it is best to avoid these places until the outbreak is under control.

Dog Parks

Dog parks are popular gathering spots for dog owners, but it is prudent to skip visits to these locations during a dog flu outbreak. The higher concentration of dogs and their close interactions increase the risk of transmission. Opt for alternative exercise options, such as walks in less crowded areas, to ensure your dog's safety.

4. Dog Shows

Dog shows bring together dogs from various locations, making them potential sources of virus transmission during an outbreak. It is recommended to avoid attending or participating in dog shows until the situation improves and the risk of infection decreases.

5. Pet Stores

Pet stores often have a steady flow of dogs coming in and out, which can increase the risk of exposure to infected dogs during an outbreak. Limit visits to pet stores and consider online shopping for pet supplies instead.


In conclusion, by prioritizing annual dog flu vaccinations, limiting exposure to infected dogs, practicing proper hygiene, disinfecting objects and surfaces, minimizing human-to-dog contact, isolating infected dogs, being cautious during veterinary visits, and taking necessary cleaning and avoiding certain locations during outbreaks, dog parents can effectively protect their furry companions from dog flu and play a vital role in preventing its spread among the dog population.

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