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From talking parrot on TikTok, to top dog accounts on Instagram. Pets in social media era

Updated: Aug 1

Viral pet videos have turned some dogs, cats and exotic pets into internet influencers that are getting followers by millions every day. If you go online on various social media platforms right now, there’s a very high chance that you will end up encountering at least one or more pet profiles at a single glance. It’s easy to see why, because cats and dogs in particular are ruling the internet with their antics. Since many of us deal with a lot of stress and anxiety at work or even at home, we are looking for content that helps us enjoy our time and have fun.

That’s where cat and dog videos come into play. The simple fact that we get to see so many different instances with cats and dogs doing funny or crazy things make us chuckle or downright laugh. Needless to say, it becomes a lot more exciting for us to browse the internet, looking for the next funny videos featuring cats.

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Why are pets so popular in the online world?

The first thing that makes pets popular is certainly their charisma. Pets have a lot of charisma and people love them because of that. The simple fact they are featured in a video allows us to understand their personality, and we fall in love with them rather quickly. Plus, we have a powerful connection between us and pets anyway, since humans have this need to nurture something/someone, and pets are ideal in this regard.

There’s also a lot of content you can browse when it comes to even a single pet. From their day to day antics to first time experiences, their adventurous lifestyle, all of these are great content pieces that more and more people are enjoying every day. And it’s all a success because we have a deep connection with animals, and they make us feel great. That happens even with pets that are not ours. We still feel the need to connect with them.

Plus, pets are lovable by nature. They don’t lie to us, we can trust them, and they are very cute. So it’s easy to see why we like them so much in the first place. That on its own can lead to some incredible results and an extraordinary experience.

It’s fun to watch pet videos

Let’s face it, one of the reasons why pets have become one of the top types of content in the online world is because we all love having them around. Some people want to have a pet, but their living circumstances or health might not allow it. Regardless of what reason fuels your need to watch pet videos, you know that these videos will make you happy and bring a smile to your face.

And yes, we are all in need of a good smile or laugh as often as possible. We’re dealing with a lot of stress and anxiety every day, so we need a reason to smile. The reality is that few things make us smile, so pet videos can indeed help bring in an amazing result and a wonderful experience.

At the same time, watching pet videos helps provide a much-needed escapism. Whether you are tired of dealing with various challenges every day or want to find ideas, watching cat or dog videos on social media can help a lot. They bring you in that state of mind where you can have fun, push away any negativity and focus on success. It’s totally worth it and in the end the outcome as a whole can be very impressive. All you have to do is to take that into consideration, and you will certainly appreciate the benefits.

There are many famous cats online

One of the first cats in the online world was Grumpy Cat, a cat that had a very specific look which made her seem grumpy all the time. People fell in love with it and the cat itself ended up acquiring millions of social media followers and video views. Lil Bub is another great example, this cat had a permanent appearance of a kitten, which made her look adorable to everyone. She does have a genetic mutation and dwarfism, but it’s a cat that is well taken care of, and her antics in the online world are a delight for millions of people.

Then we also have Cole and Marmalade, which are 2 rescue cats which ended up becoming an international sensation. It’s a great cat pair, something you rarely see bringing any success in the online world. Of course, there are many other famous cats like Mrs Norris, Hamilton the hipster cat, but also the street cat named Bob.

What do all these cats have in common? They managed to accrue a massive audience in the online world thanks to their look or personality. Needless to say, there are a lot of new dogs and cats on the rise online, and they receive a lot of eyeballs because it’s cool to watch videos of pets, plus it helps you bring in a great dopamine hit. You get to feel happy when you watch such videos, and it’s really exciting to browse and see all kinds of cats all the time.

The nice thing is that you can find famous cats no matter the breed, so there’s definitely a lot of content to look at. Which is what makes cat videos like this so special in the first place, because they add a very immersive and unique experience, and bring you a way to detach from all the day to day challenges you find in the online world. That’s what truly makes it so different and exciting in the first place.

Also, seeing pets online gives us a sense of comfort. It brings us joy even if we might not have the happiness and lifestyle we want. And that’s what makes pets special, and so popular, because you get to enjoy every moment.

There are many times when you see content online and you feel anger, remorse or you are just unhappy. That’s not the case here. Pets always bring us joy, so it’s easy to see why these videos and images are getting so many followers. People want to find stuff that entertains them and which makes them happy, and pet content is definitely going to bring in that unique result.

Will this continue to grow?

The advantage that comes from pets on social media is that you know you’re always getting more content. In fact, some pets that have a lot of followers already have businesses created around them. Which is why we think that pet content is not only going to stay popular, it will continue to grow in the long run. As we mentioned earlier, there’s a science behind this, pet content makes us happy, and there will always be people looking for comfort and happiness during their day.

It's safe to say that cat and dog videos are not going anywhere, and this will become even more of a trend in the years to come. There’s a lot of focus on snackable content, short videos with pets that are fun, but also easy to consume. We might experience a resurgence of this type of video, but pet video compilations and other similar content will not go anywhere either!

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