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How to Make a DIY Dog Ramp for Stairs

If you have a dog that struggles with stairs, consider making a DIY dog ramp for stairs. A ramp can make it easier for your dog to reach different levels of your home without putting too much stress on their joints or risking injury. A dog ramp can also be useful for senior dogs, dogs with arthritis, or dogs recovering from surgery.

Learn how to make a DIY dog ramp for stairs with our easy tutorials. Use wooden crates, closet shelves, or plywood to create a homemade ramp for your dog.

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Depending on your budget, skills, and materials, there are many ways to make a DIY dog ramp for stairs. This article will show you three examples of DIY dog ramp for stairs that you can try at home.

Example #1: Inexpensive Dog Ramp Less Than $40 Each

The video below is about a DIY project of making a dog ramp for stairs using wooden crates, fabric, and foam. The video shows measuring, cutting, gluing, and stapling the materials to create a staircase-shaped ramp to help small dogs reach higher places. The video also features cute moments of the dog using the ramp and playing with the owners.

The steps for making the DIY dog ramp for stairs from the video can be as follows:

  • Buy or use three wooden crates suitable for your dog's size and your stairs' height.

  • Glue the crates together in a staircase shape using wood glue or screws. Make sure they are aligned and stable.

  • Cut some fabric pieces that can cover the tops of the crates. You can use an old cushion cover or any fabric that you like.

  • Staple the fabric pieces to the crates using a staple gun. Make sure they are tight and smooth.

  • Add some foam or pillows inside the fabric covers for extra cushioning and comfort for your dog.

  • Cut a small wooden board that can block the gap between the ramp and the stairs. This will prevent your dog from falling or getting stuck.

  • Attach the board to the ramp using screws or nails. You can also paint it to match the ramp or the stairs.

  • Place the ramp over your stairs and let your dog enjoy it!

Example #2: Inexpensive Doggie Ramp

In this project, the creators made a dog ramp using six-foot closet shelves for ten bucks each and bought two to interlace, zip-tie, and use as the ramp structure itself. They also purchased a six-foot by two-foot piece of outdoor carpet for the main anti-slip surfacing for the ramp assembly.

The article provides a step-by-step tutorial for making diy dog ramp for stairs which can be listed as follows

  • Buy or use two closet shelves that are six feet long and interlace them to form the ramp structure.

  • Buy or use a piece of outdoor carpet that is six feet by two feet and cut it to fit the ramp.

  • Zip-tie the carpet to the ramp wire rods at every fourth spacing.

  • Cut off the excess zip ties and roll their edges to avoid sharp edges.

  • Buy or use rubber end covers for the exposed wire rod ends and slip them on to protect your floors and car seats.

  • Your inexpensive doggie ramp is ready to use!

The article claims this ramp costs less than $32 and is easy and quick to make.

Example #3: Dog ramp for indoor stairs

The writer in this project explains how to build a slide to stairs for kids in this article. Dog ramps can work the same way, but remember to place carpet runners or nonslip mats, as shown in example 2. This will provide extra traction for their paws and help prevent them from slipping.

Learn how to make a DIY dog ramp for stairs with our easy tutorials. Use wooden crates, closet shelves, or plywood to create a homemade ramp for your dog.

If you're in a hurry, let's list the main steps for making a dog ramp for indoor stairs as follows:

  • Measure your stairs' width and length and buy some plywood sheets accordingly.

  • Cut the plywood sheets into strips that match your stairs' width using a circular or table saw.

  • Attach the plywood strips to the edges of your stairs using screws or nails, leaving some space between them for sliding.

  • Sand the plywood strips and paint them in your desired color.

  • Cut some carpet runners or nonslip mats to fit the plywood strips and glue them with spray adhesive.

The article shows how adding a slide to your stairs can make your home more fun and unique. It is a relatively easy and inexpensive DIY project.

We hope you enjoyed these three examples of DIY dog ramp for stairs and found some inspiration for your project. Always supervise your dog when using its new dog ramp and ensure it is safe and stable. A DIY dog ramp for stairs can improve your dog's quality of life and happiness.

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