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New Rescue Horses Arrive At The Asher House Sanctuary.

Lee Asher's horses, Storm, Nevada, and Rev, are his family and friends. Learn how he rescues them from hardship and cares for them at his sanctuary.

This article tells the story of Lee Asher’s horses, who have found a loving home at the Asher House Sanctuary. They have been rescued from neglect, abuse, and abandonment by Lee Asher’s mission. We will meet some of his remarkable horses, such as Storm, Nevada, Rev, and seven senior mini horses.

Join Lee Asher on a heartwarming journey at Asher House Sanctuary, where he rescues and cares for horses in need, including senior mini horses. Discover tales of compassion and hope in this inspiring story

Meet Storm: Lee Asher's Emotional Horse

First and foremost, we meet Storm, a horse who holds a special place in Lee's heart. At approximately 13 to 14 years old, Storm has forged an indescribable bond with Lee. Lee's love for Storm radiates through the screen as he speaks about their unique connection, which has taken time and patience to build. Being an emotional horse, Storm has found solace and happiness in Lee's presence, creating a profound and unbreakable connection between them.

Meet Storm: Lee Asher's Emotional Horse

Nevada: The Graceful Retiree

Next up is Nevada, a graceful 20-year-old horse. Nevada's story is resilient, having spent much of her life working tirelessly, pulling wagons. Now, she enjoys a well-deserved retirement at the Asher House Sanctuary, surrounded by the love and care she truly deserves. Her age and wisdom add a unique charm to the sanctuary, making her presence all the more special.

Lee Asher's Nevada: The Graceful Retiree

Rev: The Newest Addition to Lee Asher's Equine Family

Lee introduces us to the newest addition to his equine family, Rev. Despite facing physical challenges, Rev.'s spirit remains unbroken. Lee's unwavering dedication to helping Rev recover is truly heartwarming. Like the other horses, Rev has found a loving home at the sanctuary, where he basks in the company of his equine companions and the playful dogs that call the Asher House Sanctuary home.

Rev: The Newest Addition to Lee Asher's Equine Family

Additional 7 Adorable Senior Mini Horses

In the heart of a sunny day, Lee Asher, the founder of Lee Asher's Sanctuary, stumbled upon a heartwarming opportunity that led to the rescue of seven adorable senior mini horses. This unexpected encounter at a feed store became a life-changing moment for Lee and the equine family he would welcome into his sanctuary.

The Heartwarming Encounter of Senior Mini Horses

Lee Asher's story of rescuing these remarkable mini horses began when he noticed a lonely pony outside a feed store. His compassionate heart prompted him to inquire about the pony's well-being. Lee approached the store owner, hoping to offer help. Unfortunately, the store owner declined Lee's offer, stating that the pony was already well cared for.

However, fate had something more extraordinary for Lee Asher and his sanctuary. An elderly couple in their 80s, who followed Lee on social media, overheard his conversation with the store owner. They shared their touching tale, revealing that they had numerous mini horses they could no longer care for due to their age. They invited Lee, suggesting he visit their horses and explore the possibility of helping them.

A Lifesaving Connection

Lee Asher's compassionate nature led him to accept the invitation immediately. He recognized the opportunity to impact the lives of these senior mini horses significantly. The elderly couple, Janice and her husband, were overjoyed by Lee's willingness to help. Janice expressed her love for the horses and how their advanced age prevented them from providing the animals with the care they deserved.

Lee Asher's decision to visit Janice's mini horses would be a life-altering experience for him and the equine family. The video captures Lee's genuine surprise and awe as he meets these incredible creatures for the first time. His reaction reflects the magic that unfolded that day.

30-year-old blind horse

Among the rescued mini horses was a 30-year-old blind horse, a poignant reminder of these animals' challenges as they age. Lee's commitment to providing these seniors a safe and loving home underscores his dedication to animal welfare.

A Sanctuary's Mission: Rescuing Horses from Hellish Conditions

Lee Asher’s sanctuary rescues horses from kill pens and abuse. Many of them are from the Amish community. The sanctuary heals their physical and emotional wounds and gives them a loving home.

Some horses are too sick or injured to survive. Lee shares the story of a dying Clydesdale. The sanctuary shows her compassion and dignity in her final moments.

A Bright Future for the Asher House Sanctuary

The Asher House Sanctuary is expanding. Lee works tirelessly to create dedicated spaces for dogs, horses, and other farm animals. He shares glimpses of the new barn under construction, revealing the sheer dedication and effort that goes into running a sanctuary of this magnitude. The vision of this sanctuary is heartwarming and promising, promising to provide a loving home for countless needy animals.

Lee Asher is eager to introduce the newly rescued horses, promising more touching rescue stories shortly. His genuine love and passion for these animals shine through in every word he utters.


The Asher House Sanctuary is more than just a place for horses. It is a place where miracles happen every day. Lee Asher's passion for animals and his commitment to saving them from suffering has touched the lives of many horses and other creatures. He has shown us the power of compassion and kindness and how they can transform the lives of both animals and humans. By sharing his story and videos, he has also raised awareness about the plight of horses needing rescue and adoption. He has inspired us to take action and make a difference in our ways. Whether donating to his sanctuary, adopting a horse, or simply spreading the word about his work, we can all help Lee Asher's equine family thrive and grow.

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