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Answers to All Your Questions About Platypus Squishmallow

Updated: May 4

Looking for a cuddly friend to hang out with? Try the Platypus Squishmallow! This huggable, squishable creature is sure to be a hit with everyone. But you may have some questions before you buy one of these little critters. What's the Platypus itself? What are Squishmallows? How much does it cost? This essay will answer your burning questions about the Platypus Squishmallow. We'll look at everything from sizing and materials to safety, cleaning, and more. So you can decide when shopping for this adorable little plush toy. So let's get started!

Read our article on the Platypus Squishmallow and find out all versions of Platypus Squishmallow from Brindall, to Santino and Mitch.
Platypus and Squishmallow

The Ultimate List of Questions about Platypus:

What's Platypus?

A platypus is a primitive, egg-laying mammal found only in Australia and Tasmania. It has webbed feet and a duck-like bill, and its body is covered in thick, brown fur. The female Platypus is known to have two ovaries but only one opening to the outside of her body, which serves as both the anus and the genital opening. Male Platypus has a venomous spur on their hind legs that they use for defense. Platypuses are very shy animals and are seldom seen by humans.

So why are Platypus Squishmallows so popular? Part of it concerns their cuteness factor - they're just stinkin' adorable. But beyond that, people love them because they're ultra-huggable and impossible to resist squishing. They're also great for cuddling, and many people find them incredibly comforting.

If you're thinking about getting a Platypus Squishmallow for yourself or someone else, know that there are several things to remember. First, decide what size you want - they range from small (about 4 inches) to large (about 16 inches). Second, think about what color or design you prefer. And finally, make sure you're prepared to fall head over heels in love with your new squishy friend!

Read our article on the Platypus Squishmallow and find out all versions of Platypus Squishmallow from Brindall, to Santino and Mitch.

Platypus, where do they live?

Platypus is found in Eastern Australia, from Queensland to Victoria. They inhabit rivers and streams with permanent water flow year-round.

The platypus diet consists mostly of insects and other invertebrates, which they detect using sensitive receptors in their bill. During the day, platypus rest in burrows they dig themselves or find amongst the roots of trees along the riverbank. At night, they forage for food in the water.

Although Platypus are generally solitary animals, they can sometimes be seen sunning themselves together on rocks or logs near their feeding grounds. With regard to mating, male and female Platypus come together only briefly before going their separate ways again. The female then incubates her eggs alone in a nesting chamber within her burrow.

What is Squishmallow?

Squishmallow is a line of stuffed animals created by Kellytoy. The animals are made from a super soft marshmallow-like material and have squishy bodies. Each one has a special name and personality, and they come in a range of animal forms and sizes.

Read our article on the Platypus Squishmallow and find out all versions of Platypus Squishmallow from Brindall, to Santino and Mitch.

The Squishmallows have been incredibly popular since they were first released, and their popularity shows no signs of slowing down. People love them for their cuddly factor and because they're so cute!

Squishmallows are available in four sizes: mini (4"), small (8"), medium (12"), and large (16").

If you're thinking about getting a Squishmallow, here are some answers to some common questions:

How much do Squishmallows cost?

Prices differ depending on the size of the Squishmallow, but they can range from $5-$2000.

Where can I buy them?

You can find Squishmallows at retailers like Target, Walmart, Amazon, and Kohl's. You can also purchase them directly from Kellytoy's website.

What if I want to return or exchange my Squishmallow?

Most retailers let you exchange or return your Squishmallow within a certain time frame if you're unhappy. However, Kellytoy's website states that all sales are final.

How many Squishmallow characters are there?

Over 400 different Squishmallow characters are currently available for collection. They are available in many sizes, colors, and styles. Each one has a distinct history and distinct personality. They are available online and at your neighborhood toy store.


What is a Platypus Squishmallow?

A Platypus Squishmallow is a super soft, cuddly stuffed animal perfect for snuggling. It is made from high-quality marshmallow-like materials and has a squishy body that makes it perfect for hugging. You can choose the Platypus Squishmallow that best suits your needs because they come in a variety of sizes and designs.

What is the name of The Platypus Squishmallow?

There's three types of The Platypus Squishmallow:

  1. Brindall the Platypus. (Rainbow Platypus Squishmallow)

  2. Bio

  3. Let's know some quick info about Brindall. She loves hummus. She makes homemade hummus with garbanzo beans and fresh herbs from the garden. She makes the perfect dinner guest because she's guaranteed to bring a jar to share!

  4. Appearance

  5. Brindall is a rainbow, tie-dye platypus with a white belly. Her eyes are round and black. She has a purple, duck-like bill.

  6. Santino the Platypus is a brown Squishmallow. (Brown Platypus Squishmallow)

  7. Bio

  8. Santino is the second friend we want to mention. His father taught him how to properly incorporate the blueberries, and he produces the best blueberry pancakes. Santino enjoys playing soccer and hopes to one day work as a professional goalkeeper when he's not preparing pancakes for all of his buddies.

  9. Appearance

  10. Santino is a brown platypus with a white belly. He has a darker brown, duck-like bill. His eyes are round and black.

  11. Mitch the Platypus is a rainbow Squishmallow.

  12. Bio

  13. Mitch gains from a variety of therapeutic techniques. After years of performing as a modern dancer on stage, Mitch unwinds with soothing yoga positions and pressure point massages on his webbed paws. See how this Platypus is posed in a standing tree position! Do you want to practice meditation with Mitch?

  14. Appearance

  15. Mitch is a white-bellied, rainbow-tie-dyed platypus with fur. His bill is blue, like a duck's. His eyes are black, round, and have two side-flaring eyelashes. It has a platypus tail as well, which is the same shade of blue as his bill.

How much is the Platypus Squishmallow worth?

Brindall and Mitch

are worth around $15. This is based on the current prices of other Squishmallows, which range from $5-$55.

Santino the Platypus is currently one of the rarest Squishmallows out there. Its price varies from $1,100-$1,500 on auction sites.

The price may change in the future, depending on factors such as inflation and availability.

How Do You Wash a Platypus Squishmallow?

Assuming you're asking how to clean a Platypus Squishmallow toy, the best way is to spot-clean it with a damp cloth. You can hand wash it with soap and water if it's particularly dirty. Just be sure to let it air dry after.

What is the best method to Store a Platypus Squishmallow?

Assuming you are referring to the toy known as a Platypus Squishmallow, there are a few things to remember when storing one. For starters, keeping them away from any heat source, such as sunlight or a heating vent, is important. Secondly, they should be stored in a cool and dry place. Third, storing them in a location where they will not be squished or stepped on is best. Here are some specific ideas for storing your Platypus Squishmallow:

-In a storage bin on a high shelf

-On top of a dresser or other furniture piece

-In a toy box with soft items around it for cushioning

-In a pillowcase

How Long Do Platypus Squishmallows Last?

Platypus Squishmallows are made from a unique blend of super soft marshmallow-like plush, making them extremely cuddly and long-lasting. With proper care, your Platypus Squishmallow can last for years to come!

Here are some quick tips to help keep your Squishmallow in tip-top shape:

  1. Avoid sharp objects: Those cute little claws might be great for clinging onto trees, but they'll ruin your Squishmallow's fur. Be careful not to let yourSquishmallow near sharp objects like knives or scissors.

  2. Keep away from heat: It's best to avoid placing your Squishmallow in the dryer or exposing it to direct sunshine because heat can cause the materials to break down over time. Clean the Platypus Squishmallow on the spot with a wet towel and mild soap.

  3. Fluff regularly: Squishmallows love to lounge in the water like real platypuses. But unlike their aquatic counterparts, Squishmallows don't have webbed feet to help them dry off quickly. So fluff up your Platypus Squishmallow after each bath or swim session using a towel. This will help prevent mildew and extend the lifespan of your cuddly friend.

Can I Put My Platypus Squishmallow in the Microwave?

Yes, you can put your Platypus Squishmallow in the microwave. Just be careful to adhere to the packaging's guidelines. Squishmallows are made with super soft marshmallow-like fabric and filled with polyester fiber, so they are safe to microwave.

Whether you're looking for a bedtime buddy or a midday pick-me-up, your Platypus Squishmallow is here to help! The Platypus Squishmallow microwaves in just a few seconds, so it's perfect for a quick cuddle. Plus, the squishy fabric is oh-so-soothing.

What Are the Dimensions of a Platypus Squishmallow?

When it comes to the dimensions of a Platypus Squishmallow, there are two things you need to put into consideration: the size of the toy itself and the size of the packaging it comes in.

As far as the toy goes, it measures approximately 12 inches long and 6 inches wide. On the other hand, the packaging is a bit larger – 14 inches long and 8 inches wide. So, when you're looking for a Platypus Squishmallow, make sure you take both of these things into consideration.

What is the target market for Squishmallows?

The target market for Squishmallows is children ages 3-12. These super soft plush toys are perfect for cuddling and make ideal pillows, bedtime companions, and travel buddies. According to the manufacturer's website,


We hope you know a little about a new animal, Platypus. Also, we talked about Squishmallows and went into detail about Platypus Squishmallow. Just remember, Squishmallows are bedtime buddies who offer comfort and support to their friends, and they're always fun! You can use them as a couch companion, pillow pal, or friend in need.

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