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Saying Goodbye: Jesser's Beloved Dog Humphrey Passes Away

Updated: Jun 16

Jesse Riedel, better known as Jesser, has announced the passing of his beloved dog, Humphrey. The news was shared in a tweet on June 4th, marking the end of Humphrey's 18-year-long journey. Humphrey was not just a pet to Jesser but a loyal companion who had been with him through thick and thin. Humphrey was always by Jesser's side during long hours spent creating content or playing video games, and his presence brought comfort to Jesser when he needed it most.

Saying Goodbye: Jesser's Beloved Dog Humphrey Passes Away

Who is Jesser?

Jesser is a popular content creator and social media personality known for focusing on basketball and gaming. His YouTube channel has around 14 million subscribers, and he shares tweets, videos, and other content related to basketball, video games, and other topics. He is also known for his unique humor and relatable content, which has helped him build a loyal following over the years.

Despite his success online, Jesser remains humble and down-to-earth. He often interacts with fans through live streams or social media Q&As and seems genuinely grateful for their support. This authenticity has helped him build such a loyal following over the years - plus, he loves dogs almost as much as we do!

Jesser's Dog Humphrey

Humphrey quickly became popular among Jesser's fans because of his frequent appearances on camera while sitting next to Jesser during live streams or videos. He loved nothing more than curling up on Jesser's lap while he played video games or worked on videos for his channel. This little pup will always hold a special place in Jesser's heart.

RIP my boy hump

On Reddit, Jesser posted a simple yet poignant message: "RIP my boy hump," announcing heartbreaking news of the 18-year-old dog's death. It didn't take long for Jesser's followers to share their tributes and memories. Despite the sadness of Humphrey's passing, Jesser's fans are grateful for the love and joy that Humphrey brought into the world.

Saying Goodbye: Jesser's Beloved Dog Humphrey Passes Away

It is clear from the outpouring of support from fans across various social media platforms how much Humphrey meant to both Jesser and his viewers. The news of his passing left many heartbroken and grateful for witnessing such an adorable bond between man and dog. The TikTok explore page for "Humphrey Jester's dog passed away" had around 1 million views in less than one day. The Explore page features videos and content related to Humphrey, including tributes, memorials, and messages of condolence.

Meet Humphrey

"Meet Humphrey" is the first video Jesser has published on youtube about Humphrey. The video is about a miniature dachshund with multiple nicknames and a great love for food. The video showcases his adorable and playful personality and a slow-motion montage of his silly antics. We also hear about his unique "pack luck" and how he became an important and cherished family member. Overall, Humphrey is a lovable and entertaining dog that will surely make everyone smile.

We can see in this interview who Jesser fondly talks about his love for Humphrey, a big cuddler who sleeps beside him every night. He also shares that Humphrey loves food and sleeping, making him quite a spoiled pup. While Humphrey may be old now, he is still playful and energetic. Jesser recounts some challenges of taking Humphrey outside, as he tends to escape and go on adventures. Jesser also talks about the responsibility of owning a pet and how it has helped him mature and become more responsible. Overall, it is clear that Jesser loves Humphrey and considers him the greatest dog of all time.

The passing of a beloved furry friend can be difficult for anyone, and Jesser's followers have come together to offer their condolences and support. Humphrey may be gone, but he will never be forgotten. His memory will continue as a reminder of the special bond between man and dog.


In conclusion, the passing of Jesse's dog Humphrey has left a beautiful mark on the hearts of his fans and followers. Humphrey was not just a pet but a loyal companion who brought comfort and joy to Jesser and his viewers. Despite his small size, Humphrey had a big personality and left a lasting impression on those who knew him. The outpouring of support and tributes on social media is a testament to the special bond between man and dog and Humphrey's impact on the world. Humphrey may be gone, but his memory will live on as a reminder of the love and joy he brought into the world.

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