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Girl With The Dogs: Most Challenging Grooming Sessions

Updated: Aug 15

How Vanessa De Prophetis, The Girl With The Dogs, Tackles The Most Difficult Task Of Grooming A Corded Komondor and Matted Malamute.

In professional pet grooming, some groomers go above and beyond to tackle the most challenging grooming sessions. One remarkable groomer is Vanessa De Prophetis, the "Girl With The Dogs." With her immense passion for animals and years of experience, she fearlessly takes on the longest and hardest grooming sessions. This article delves into Vanessa's extraordinary Journey as she faces these daunting tasks head-on.

How Vanessa De Prophetis, The Girl With The Dogs, Tackles The Most Difficult Task Of Grooming A Corded Komondor and Matted Malamute.

Vanessa: The Girl With The Dogs

Vanessa De Prophetis, or the "Girl With The Dogs," has dedicated over a decade to the art and craft of pet grooming. Her love for animals began at a young age, and she turned her passion into a successful career. Through her YouTube channel, Vanessa showcases her grooming skills and uses her platform to raise funds for local dog rescues. Her commitment to helping needy pets has garnered a loyal following and support from animal lovers worldwide.

All grooming sessions are free!

Vanessa has cultivated a strong and supportive community of followers on her channel. She groomed all dogs for free, with genuine trust in her fans. Her belief in their support has been validated as she now has a substantial following of over 2.3 million subscribers on her YouTube channel, alongside a significant presence on other social media platforms. Instead of accepting payment, Vanessa asks owners to donate to a local animal rescue.

The Longest Groom Ever: Max, the Corded Komondor

Unveiling Max, the Majestic Komondor

Meet Max, a magnificent two-year-old Komondor with a striking corded coat. Weighing over a hundred pounds, Max represents the strength and intelligence of a livestock guardian dog. However, finding a groomer for Max's unique grooming needs proved challenging due to the meticulous attention and maintenance required for his corded coat.

How Vanessa De Prophetis, The Girl With The Dogs, Tackles The Most Difficult Task Of Grooming A Corded Komondor and Matted Malamute.

Vanessa's Approach to Grooming Max

Vanessa fearlessly took on the challenge of grooming Max, a dog with complex grooming needs. She thoroughly soaked Max's corded coat, using a diluted purple shampoo to address discoloration. Vanessa's expertise was evident as she emphasized the importance of thorough rinsing for maintaining Max's coat health. Drying Max posed another challenge, but Vanessa skillfully used a high-velocity dryer and towels to remove excess water from his cords, preventing unpleasant odors and mold growth. She meticulously inspected each cord, separating them and down to the skin. She trimmed the "bells" caused by matted puppy fur to maintain Max's desired appearance. Vanessa's dedication to Max's well-being and attention to detail was commendable.

The Transformation of Max

After an extensive six-hour grooming session, Max's coat underwent a complete transformation. The before-and-after photos showcased the stark contrast, highlighting just how dirty Max's coat was initially. Now, he looked mesmerizing. This remarkable transformation is a testament to Vanessa's talent and the significance of proper grooming for corded breeds like the Komondor. The dedication and effort invested in Max's grooming were truly worthwhile.

Four Hours of Hell: Journey's Wooly Malamute Adventure

Journey's Coat Challenge

Now let's focus on Journey, a three-year-old Alaskan Malamute with severely matted fur. Vanessa faced unique challenges with Journey, especially the thick mats behind the ears. Despite suggestions of shaving the entire double coat, Vanessa was determined to restore Journey's beauty and embarked on this demanding task.

How Vanessa De Prophetis, The Girl With The Dogs, Tackles The Most Difficult Task Of Grooming A Corded Komondor and Matted Malamute.

The Grooming Process Unveiled

To kickstart the grooming process, Vanessa gathered her essentials: four canisters of shampoo, a couple of aspirin (presumably for herself), and a gallon of coffee to energize her throughout the day. To address the Journey's specific needs, Vanessa selected Nasty Critter deep cleaning shampoo and Fluff Off de-shedding shampoo.

Artistry in Grooming

As the grooming session progressed, Vanessa's artistry truly came to life. She skillfully trimmed and shaped the Journey's coat, enhancing the natural beauty of the features of the Alaskan Malamute. Journey's transformation was remarkable, as the once matted and unruly coat now showcased a stunning, well-groomed appearance.

Journey's Miraculous Transformation

After four hours of dedicated work, the Journey emerged from the grooming session as a true beauty. The before-and-after pictures were awe-inspiring, capturing the dramatic change in the Journey's appearance. The transformation was a testament to Vanessa's talent, patience, and unwavering commitment to her craft.


As we celebrate the remarkable work of groomers like Vanessa, let us also recognize the significance of proper grooming and maintenance for our beloved furry companions. Groomers play a vital role in ensuring our pets' health, well-being, and beauty through their expertise, compassion, and commitment.

So, the next time you come across a groomer who goes above and beyond, remember the Girl With The Dogs and the incredible journeys she embarks upon to make a difference in the lives of pets and their owners.

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