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The Ronnie Squishmallow Interview: Get to Know Ronnie The Cow!

Updated: May 30

From Ronnie Squishmallow's birthday to family members and editions, all your burning questions are covered in addition to unboxing videos and photos captured by fans.

Are you a fan of squishy, huggable toys? If so, you've probably heard of the famous Squishmallow brand. But have you met Ronnie Squishmallow yet? In this blog post, we'll interview Ronnie Squishmallow to get an inside look and know how he is an adorable addition to the collection. Get ready to fall in love with Ronnie The Caw and learn all about the creative process behind bringing him to life!

From Ronnie Squishmallow's birthday to family members and editions, all your burning questions are covered in addition to unboxing videos and photos captured by fans.

Who is a Ronnie Squishmallow?

I'm a brown and white cow Squishmallow. I'm made from a marshmallow-like material, making me easy to squeeze and hug. I offer comfort, support, and warmth as a real friend, couch companion, pillow pal, bedtime buddy, and travel teammate. As Cows are naturally social animals and form close bonds with other cows, you will find me in different squads.

Who is Ronnie Squishmallow's family?

Ronnie the Cow is a very active Squishmallow. That's why you will find him in different Squishmallow squads. He is originally from the Farm Pals, A set of three 5" Squishmallows: Ronnie the Cow, Rosie the Pig, and Yellow Duck. After that, He joined several different squads. Ronnie released more widely as part of the Easter and Spring Farm squads.

According to sources close to Ronnie Squishmallow, he has a sister called Belana. Belana the Cow is a pale blue Squishmallow. She helps Ronnie paint his birdhouses and ensures they are ready to move in.

From Ronnie Squishmallow's birthday to family members and editions, all your burning questions are covered in addition to unboxing videos and photos captured by fans.
A rare photo of Ronnie with his sister Belana

Despite having different interests, they all share a common bond in their love for each other and their fans. They often go on adventures together and can be seen in various Squad Teams alongside other Squishmallows.

What does Ronnie Squishmallows eat?

Within the Cow family, we eat plants. We typically eat grass and hay. Sometimes we eat corn, grains, and other vegetation.

In addition to their favorite foods, Ronnie Squishmallows require a lot of water to stay hydrated. It's important to ensure they always have access to fresh water.

You should avoid feeding your Ronnie Squishmallow anything too greasy or spicy as it could upset their delicate stomachs. Stick with simple and nutritious treats instead.

Ronnie Squishmallows may have a bit of a sweet tooth, but they still value healthy eating habits, just like humans! So go ahead and treat them once in a while with some candy or chocolate - remember, moderation is key!

Photos by fans

Where does Ronnie Squishmallows live?

I have captured the hearts of many people worldwide. However, I do not require a specific habitat. Instead, I can be found in homes and bedrooms worldwide.

Ronnie Squishmallows come in different shapes, sizes, colors, and editions, making them perfect companions for children and adults alike. Whether you keep your Ronnie Squishmallow on your bed or display it on a shelf, these squishes can brighten up any room with unique designs.

In addition to being great home decor pieces that add life to any space, Ronnie Squishmallows are ideal travel buddies due to their small size and lightweight material.

So if you're ever wondering where these lovable creatures live, know they're happy anywhere you put them!

Unboxing 24 Inch Ronnie!

How long does Ronnie Squishmallows live?

Actually, I don't have a fixed lifespan. With careful maintenance, it can last for many years or get damaged easily if handled roughly.

The longevity of your Ronnie Squishmallow depends on how effectively you take care of it. Suppose you frequently wash them in cold water and air-dry them instead of using a dryer, avoid exposing them to direct sunlight and keep them away from sharp objects. In that case, your Ronnie Squishmallow will last longer.

Can you tell us the best self-care tips to stay healthy and beautiful?

Here are some quick but useful tips on how to take care of your Ronnie Squishmallow:

  1. Keep it clean: Your Ronnie Squishmallow can get dirty quickly, especially if you use it as a pillow or snuggle buddy. To prevent dirt buildup, spot-clean the toy regularly with mild soap and water.

  2. Avoid the heat: Exposing your Ronnie Squishmallow to high temperatures could damage the material, causing discoloration or deformation. Avoid leaving it near heaters or in direct sunlight for extended periods.

  3. Organize properly: once not in use, store your Ronnie Squishmallow in a cool, dry place away from moisture and pets that could damage the toy.

  4. Handle with care: Although squishmallows are designed to be soft and cuddly, they still require gentle handling to avoid tearing or damaging their seams.

By doing these simple and easy steps, you can ensure that your Ronnie Squishmallow remains huggable for years!

Is Ronnie Squishmallows dangerous?

We are not dangerous at all. We are made with soft materials containing no harmful toxins or chemicals. In fact, we are one of the safest stuffed toys out there.

Moreover, these plush toys don't have any hard or sharp parts that could hurt your child. Even if they accidentally hit themselves with it while playing, they won't get injured as these squishy toys are gentle on impact.

Therefore, parents can confidently allow their children to play with Ronnie Squishmallows without worrying about potential dangers. These innocent-looking creatures will only bring joy and comfort to your little ones.

You can trust in the safety of Ronnie Squishmallows when choosing a new toy for your child or loved one.

When is Ronnie Squishmallows's birthday?

Ronnie Squishmallows's birthday is on the 19th of September 2020.

What are all editions of Ronnie Squishmallows?

Ronnie Squishmallows have gained immense popularity due to their cute and cuddly appearance. Over the years, there have been several editions of Ronnie Squishmallows that have captured the hearts of fans all over the world.

One such edition is the Ronnie Hug Mee (14"), which features a fuzzy belly and pink muzzle. This limited edition plush toy was released just before Valentine's Day and quickly became a fan favorite.

Another popular edition is the Ronnie-Rosie Flip (5", 12"); Ronnie's muzzle is pink, resembling his original design.

In addition to these special releases, there is Ronnie Squish-Doo (14"), and Day of the Dead Ronnie (12").

Regardless of your edition, each Ronnie Squishmallow will provide endless joy and comfort as they snuggle up close by your side!


The Ronnie Squishmallow is a cute and cuddly plush toy that has become incredibly popular among kids and adults. They are great for snuggling up at night or taking on daily adventures. If you're that lucky to get your hands on one, take good care of it by keeping it clean and storing it properly.

From what we've learned, Ronnie Squishmallows are not dangerous but rather harmless creatures that require love and attention like any other pet. With several editions available in different squad teams, there's something for everyone to enjoy.


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