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5 Stair Lift Ideas That Put Your Dog At Ease

Updated: Jul 26

Enter dog elevators – in all their various shapes and forms. We have dog stair lifts for dogs, elevated dog beds with stairs, and even dog ramps for those smaller climbs.

Dogs lift us up always. On those bad days, when our spirits are low or just when we need a pick me up – they help us to rise above the clouds. So, when there comes a time, like it always does with this passing of time, for us to help them lift their weary legs: we should be prepared.

Enter dog elevators – in all their various shapes and forms. We have stair lifts for dogs, elevated dog beds with stairs, and even dog ramps for those smaller climbs.

Dog elevators ensure your dog can maintain full range of your home even when their legs won’t allow it anymore. Can’t I just carry my dog up the stairs? Of course! But what about when you’re not home? Or those times when you’re dog just wants to go up or down the stairs. Sometimes you won’t have the time, and other times you simply won’t be at home. All of this makes stair lifts for dogs one of the most exciting pet-related inventions to have come out of the last decade, if not century.

We collected some great ideas for dog stair lifts from internet to find the best dog elevator, homemade ramp ideas for you to give it a try..

Idea #1: Make your Own stair lifts for your dog

Idea #2: DIY Dog Elevator

Idea #3: A dog stair elevator using everyday items

Idea #4: Elevated beds for Dogs

Idea #5: DIY Elevated Dog Bed with Stairs

Bonus Idea: Homemade Dog Ramps For Dogs

Bonus Idea: Milk Carton Steps For Dogs

The Last Step 🐾

As you saw how this article ranked at the top of Google. That's because we are so smart and give the best homemade solutions for pet owners. Our other solutions for the dog and stairs dilemma are DIY Harness To Carry Dog Upstairs and DIY Dog Ramp for Stairs. If you already came from there, don't open them again to not enter into an infinite loop😀


Top Dog Elevator Ideas

1- Make your Own Dog Stair Lift (or have one installed!)

It won’t be easy, but it’s worth it. That said, stair lifts for dog doesn’t have to be complex. In fact, many pet owners have built their own within a matter of days, just like this New Orleans couple who handcrafted a dog elevator for their home’s stairs to that their senior dog could enjoy both floor of their house. All it takes is the necessary equipment, resources, and the will to make life a little easier on your pet in their golden years. There are many dog lift stairs guides online that will help you construct a safe and reliable dog lift for your beloved pooch.

Stair of the Dog 2022 has showcased the basket-mounted dog stair lift to owners and dogs to show them how it is done. The lift is fitted with a paw-activated button, which is close enough to the lift for dogs to press and then comfortably climb into the basket at floor level before starting their ascent. So, if you’d rather you and your pooch enjoy all the benefits of a dog stair lift without having to break a sweat – installation is always an option!

2- DIY Dog Elevator

With need comes innovation. In this project, Matt innovated to have a doggie elevator that helps clients' dog move up and down via a winch system.

Making a DIY dog elevator that moves up and down via a winch system will require several pieces of equipment and products.

With need comes innovation. In this project,  Matt innovated to have a doggie elevator that helps clients' dog move up and down via a winch system.
source: Howling Dog Construction

A list of almost all the required items to build a motorized dog stair lift:

  1. Winch: A winch is a mechanical device to pull or lifts heavy loads. You will need a suitable winch to lift and lower the elevator.

  2. Steel cable or rope: You will need a strong steel cable or rope to attach to the winch and the elevator.

  3. Pulleys: Pulleys are used to change the direction of the cable or rope. You will need at least two pulleys for the elevator.

  4. Lumber or metal: You will need lumber or metal to build the frame of the elevator.

  5. Plywood: You will need plywood to cover the frame of the elevator.

  6. Power drill: A power drill will be useful for drilling holes in the lumber or metal.

  7. Screws: You will need screws to attach the plywood to the frame.

  8. Metal brackets: You will need metal brackets to attach the pulleys to the frame.

  9. Carabiners: Carabiners attach the cable or rope to the elevator.

  10. Safety mechanisms: You will need safety mechanisms such as a limit switch or emergency stop button to ensure your dog's safety while using the elevator.

  11. Dog bed or mat: You will need a comfortable dog bed or mat to place inside the elevator.

It's important to note that building a DIY dog elevator can be a complex project, and it's important to put safety precautions in mind and ensure that the elevator is sturdy and secure.

3- A dog stair elevator using everyday items

The video below is about how to make a stair elevator using everyday items such as an auto rewind reel, a winch, a skateboard, MDF wood, and bolts. The video's creator explains how he made a stair elevator for $350, compared to the $6,500 quote he received from a professional to install one. The cost can be even less when we make this DIY project for a puppy, as the reel and winch can be less powerful according to the dog's weight. He demonstrates how the elevator works by showing himself riding up and down the stairs on the elevator. The video provides a step-by-step guide on how to construct the elevator.

The steps to make a stair elevator as explained in the video:

  1. Buy an auto rewind reel and a winch from eBay or a hardware store.

  2. Purchase a skateboard and remove the wheels to use for the elevator.

  3. Buy a sheet of 12mm MDF wood, four strips of wood, and bolts from a hardware store.

  4. Nail the four strips of wood together to create two rails for the elevator.

  5. Screw the skateboard wheels onto a piece of MDF wood to create a trolley for the elevator.

  6. Bolt the winch onto the trolley and attach the cable to the top of the stairs.

  7. Create a fold-down step for the elevator using MDF wood.

  8. Build a box for the seat to sit on using MDF wood.

  9. Install the cord rewinder inside the box.

  10. Secure the winch controls to a piece of steel and attach it to the top of the box.

The video demonstrates each step in detail and provides visual aids to help viewers understand the process.

4- Elevated beds for Dogs

Some dogs like the security of sleeping at height. This preference is due to their ancestry when they had to sleep in the wilderness, at risk of being attacked or bitten by tiny creatures at any moment. So, read our article about DIY Elevated Dog Beds and give your beloved pooch the ease-of-mind and security of sleeping a little bit off the ground.

Enter dog elevators – in all their various shapes and forms. We have stair lifts for dogs, elevated dog beds with stairs, and even dog ramps for those smaller climbs.

Source: Amazon

Another advantage of elevated beds is that they provide better airflow around their bodies, which can help regulate their body temperature and prevent overheating during hot summer months. They also support dogs with joint problems like arthritis or hip dysplasia, who might struggle to get comfortable on hard floors.ِ

An important feature of the elevated bed is it is sturdy enough to hold their weight comfortably. You should also consider the height of the bed; too high may not be suitable for smaller breeds as it could pose a risk if they fall off.

Investing in an elevated bed is one way to give your pet the comfort they need while keeping them safe at home!

5- DIY Elevated Dog Bed with Stairs

Every pampered pooch deserves a bed fit for a canine king (or queen!) You’ll be delighted to hear that elevated dog bed with stairs don’t have to come at a price. In fact, you can make your very own DIY elevated dog bed at home with the necessary tools and materials. For the most fundamental version, all you’ll need is hammers, nails, wood, and all the plush, comfy pillows your dog needs to fall into a deep, restful sleep at a comfortably elevated height!

Quick tips to build homemade elevated dog bed:

  1. To start, gather all the necessary materials. You can customize the size of the bed according to your dog's measurements so that it fits perfectly in your desired location.

  2. Once you have cut and assembled the frame of the dog bed, add some padding on top for extra comfort. A soft blanket or cushion will do just fine.

  3. The most important part is building stairs! The stairs should be properly measured and spaced out evenly to ensure safe access up and down from the bed. You can also add rails to make sure your pup won't accidentally fall off.

  4. Finish off by sanding any rough edges and painting or staining if desired. Voila! Your very own DIY elevated dog bed with stairs is ready for use.

Bonus Idea: Homemade Dog Ramps

Maybe your precious pooch is struggling with your home’s entrance steps or can’t bound as easily into the back garden anymore. In that case, circumstance calls for a ramp for your four-legged best family member. Home ramps for dogs don’t require any heavy-lifting or particularly sharp handiwork skills, all you have to do is gather the materials and follow the right steps for building a ramp for dogs.

Bonus Idea: Milk Carton Steps

You don’t need to break the bank to offer your dog some relief. In fact, all you have to do is gather around some milk cartons and glue! Of course, make sure the cartoons are empty before you get constructing. All you need to do is stack the milk cartoons one on top of another, forming a stair-like structure with a layer of glue between each and voilà – your smart, cost-effective, and pup-pleasing dog stairs are prime for climbing!

The Last Step 🐾

Dogs have always been man’s best friend and loyal companion, forming a solid bond with their owners while becoming family members in the process. Above all, dogs love bouncing around, playing catch, and generally being active as much as possible for most of their life – even when they enter their golden years.

So, whether you’re looking to construct a stair lifts for dogs, a dog elevator, or one of many elevated beds for dogs – no matter the result – your dog will thank you!

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