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Updates On Asher House Dogs Pneumonia In Oregon

Updated: Aug 12

A rare dog respiratory virus was reported in Oregon and other regions in August 2023. Asher House Sanctuary, a dog rescue in Oregon, has several infected dogs and works with the state veterinarian to find a solution. This article gives the latest updates on the virus, advice for dog owners, and the stories of the dogs at Asher House Sanctuary.

Learn about the rare dog respiratory virus 2023, a fatal illness for dogs in Oregon. Get the latest updates from Asher House Sanctuary.

If you want to know the origin of the story, check out our article: Dog Pneumonia Outbreak in the Asher House Sanctuary, where we explore these questions and more.

A Visit From The Oregon State Veterinarian

Asher House Sanctuary has taken immediate action in response to the rare dog pneumonia in Oregon, implementing strict quarantine measures for the affected dogs. The Oregon State veterinarian, a highly knowledgeable and trusted professional, visited the sanctuary to assess the situation and ensure the well-being of the dogs. The collaboration between Asher House Sanctuary's veterinarians and the state veterinarian's department has been crucial in combating the Asher House Virus, as they conduct tests, research, and gather information. This collaborative effort aims to find a quick solution and prevent further risks to the dogs and the community.

The community seeks a solution for the mysterious dog virus

The specific cause of Asher House dog virus remains unidentified despite conducting various tests, including PCR tests. The Asher House Sanctuary emphasizes that finding a solution to the illness is more crucial than identifying the exact cause. They are grateful for the ongoing research and testing conducted in collaboration with the state veterinarian and their veterinarians. While the exact cause may not be guaranteed, the focus remains on finding an effective resolution.

Advice From Lee Asher For Dog Owners

Asher House Sanctuary provides valuable advice for dog owners during the current situation.

  1. It is important to note that not all dogs are affected by this rare dog respiratory virus, and there is no need to panic.

  2. At the same time, dog owners must remain vigilant and attentive to their pets' well-being, monitoring for symptoms such as coughing and changes in eating habits. If a dog appears healthy with no signs of illness, there is no immediate cause for concern.

  3. Unnecessary calls to veterinarians should only be made if there are clear indications of a problem.

  4. No Self-Medication: Never give your dog medication without consulting your vet first. You could harm your dog or cause a fatal reaction.

Pending Biopsy Results and Future Interviews

Asher House Sanctuary anxiously awaits the biopsy results from one affected dog, Lily, to gain further insights into the Dog Respiratory Virus 2023, or the Asher House Virus. The findings from this biopsy are expected to provide valuable knowledge and contribute to the ongoing research efforts. Additionally, Asher House Sanctuary desires to interview the state veterinarian to gain further understanding of the Asher House Virus and share important information with the community. However, they acknowledge the need to interview once substantial progress and knowledge have been achieved to provide a more meaningful and informative discussion.

Positive Progress and Individual Dog Updates

Updates on the dogs' conditions bring hope and challenges in the fight against the dog respiratory virus. Lily, one of the affected dogs, is recovering and showing improvement. Asher House Sanctuary expresses deep gratitude to Dove Lewis and their vet, recognizing their significant role in saving Lily's life. Another dog, CeCe, is also progressing in their recovery, indicating positive steps forward.

However, Shelby, an older dog with a history of health issues, is currently the most affected by the dog respiratory virus. The infection impacts Shelby's kidneys and overall well-being, which is particularly challenging considering their pre-existing cancer condition. Despite the difficulties, Asher House Sanctuary maintains a positive outlook and genuinely believes in Shelby's ability to recover. Ongoing treatment, including oxygen therapy, assists in their full recovery.

Other regions affected by the dog virus

Vermont - February 2023

A mysterious respiratory illness in Vermont has been affecting dogs since February 2023. The illness is caused by a strain of canine influenza virus (CIV) that is highly contagious and can cause symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, nasal discharge, fever, lethargy, and loss of appetite. Over 100 dogs have been infected in Burlington, and some have died from complications. Veterinarians are urging dog owners to vaccinate their dogs against CIV and to avoid contact with other dogs that may be sick or have been exposed to the virus. The outbreak's source is unknown but may have originated from a dog show or boarding facility.

North Carolina - April 2023

In North Carolina, several outbreaks of CIV have occurred in dog boarding facilities, shelters, and veterinary clinics. The virus can spread easily among dogs that are in close contact with each other, especially in indoor environments. Dog owners are advised to monitor their dogs for signs of respiratory illness and seek veterinary care if they notice any symptoms. They should also inform their veterinarians if their dogs have traveled to or from areas where CIV is prevalent. Vaccination against CIV is available and recommended for dogs that are at high risk of exposure.

Oklahoma - April 2023

In Oklahoma, the Oklahoma City Animal Welfare has confirmed 29 cases of CIV among dogs in its shelter. The shelter has implemented strict biosecurity measures to prevent further virus spread, such as isolating infected dogs, disinfecting the premises, and limiting intake and adoption of dogs. The shelter also works with local veterinarians to provide treatment and vaccination for the affected dogs. Dog owners are encouraged to vaccinate their dogs against CIV and to keep them away from other dogs that may be infected. They should also report any cases of respiratory illness in their dogs to their veterinarians and the shelter.

Pennsylvania - July 2023

In Pennsylvania, the Animal Rescue League of Berks County has temporarily suspended dog adoptions due to an outbreak of CIV among its dogs. The shelter has quarantined all its dogs and provides them with medical care and vaccination. The shelter is also testing all its staff and volunteers for CIV exposure and following strict sanitation protocols. The shelter hopes to resume normal operations soon but asks for the public's patience and support during this difficult time. Dog owners are advised to vaccinate their dogs against CIV and to avoid bringing them to places where they may encounter other dogs that are sick or have been exposed to the virus.


A rare dog respiratory virus affects dogs in Oregon and other regions. It causes severe respiratory symptoms and can be fatal for some dogs. Asher House Sanctuary, a dog rescue organization in Oregon, has been dealing with this virus since early 2023, as several dogs have been infected and hospitalized. They have been working closely with the state veterinarian and their veterinarians to find a solution and prevent further risks. They have also been providing valuable advice for dog owners and sharing their dogs' stories of hope and resilience. The virus remains a mystery, as the exact cause and cure are still unknown. However, Asher House Sanctuary remains optimistic and determined to overcome this challenge and save their dogs. They are grateful for the support and donations from the community and ask for continued prayers and positive thoughts for their dogs.

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